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Saving The World - Together

I'm delighted to have had numerous opportunities to collaborate with, or be commissioned by, brilliant organisations to create communication materials to help make the world a better place.

Here are just a few that were particularly stand-out:

 - Film Production -

Slowing The Flow Together

I'm a huge fan of the people at Slow The Flow, as they've done incredible things in just a few short years to pioneer community-led Natural Flood Management (NFM). 

This was a commission from Slow The Flow, National Trust and Environment Agency to create a documentary toolkit sharing the incredible work achieved in establishing NFM in the Hardcastle Crags, Calderdale.

To view the complete toolkit, click here.

Re-Tree It!

Everything you need to know about effective and fool-proof tree-planting with large groups of volunteers. Produced for Treesponsibility for use with Friends of the Earth.

 - Animation Production -

The Day We Found The Bog

What a joy this was! Commissioned by the IUCN Peatland Programme (after we'd explored the style in my proof-of-concept for The Carbon Farmer) to promote a family-friendly invitation to celebrate national Bog Day - which of course you'll know is the fourth Sunday of July every year.

I produced this with a fantastic collaboration of creatives - Hand-drawn by Rory McCann, animated by Tentacle Media, original music by Peter Baumann and narrated by Charis Kettridge.

 - Voice Artist -

#Protect Pongo

This was a quick opportunity to contribute to something that's strictly more of an awareness campaign than a marketing campaign. Sadly I didn't get to wear the Pongo costume.

The Magnificent Mesopelagic

I'm very proud to have been able to provide the narration for this short, award-winning animation showcasing the importance of deep-ocean research.

Arabian Seas

Shortly after starting out as a Voice Artist, I landed a gig providing a "Mid-Atlantic" voice over for a documentary series, which is now available officially on the Smithsonian Channel (or cheekily by some probably-not-official channels on YouTube)!

Get In Touch

If you'd like to work together on the production of something inspirational and environmental, please drop me a line at

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