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The Top Of The Tree

Films for People, Policy, and the Planet.

Collaboration underpins the production strategy - to establish sound consensus on an issue; to make sure that all stakeholder's are recognised and respected; to create something that is as useful as it is powerful. Read more.

The 'Independent' label allows the producer to operate outside of the constraints that any individual organisation (such as an NGO or Government Agency) must adhere.

The result is that films from The Top Of The Tree are rooted in deep understanding and respect for stakeholders; these films carry substantial academic and peer-to-peer credibility; and these films have the freedom to go beyond what any one organisation could do alone.

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Sea & Beach Film Festival - Best Medium

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When diagnosed with Chronic Migraine, Beth and her partner Andy decided to do anything they could to improve their health and wellbeing.

Their journey documents the reality of chronic migraine, and investigates the surprising benefits of cold water swimming...

The Carbon Farmer


The UK's Peatlands are currently a source of around 20 million tonnes of CO2(equivalent) a year. However, it doesn't have to stay that way.

The Carbon Farmer presents a best-practice future, that we are already aspiring to.

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OFFICIAL SELECTION - New Earth Internati
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Elements Internatio
WINNER - Sci-On - Science Imagination Aw
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'Unprecedented' flooding in recent years across the UK has lead many communities - and NGOs and government agencies - looking for a new approach to flood risk management.

The rising evidence and interest in Natural Flood Risk Management is an alluring prospect, but how do communities and agencies really go about protecting our environment in a way that helps it protect us?

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An offshoot of High Water Common Ground, High Water Film is a community library of anecdotal advice on Natural Flood Risk Management.

The Evolution

of Madagascar

The first film from The Top Of The Tree, The Evolution of Madagascar set a precedent for the integrity of content, practical and inspirational messages, and the spirit of collaboration that would become intrinsic to all future productions.

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Every feature film produced by The Top Of The Tree to date has been recognised with commendation in a particular area. It is worthy of note that, barring 'Best Student Film' awarded for The Evolution of Madagascar, these are not standard film-industry awards.

Rather, these accolades demonstrate the connection to, and impact upon the specific topics on which these films focus.

WINNER: Best Team Performance, WEGO Health Awards 2018

100 Days of Vitamin Sea

This film is not even finished and the collaboration at it's core has been recognised by the world's largest patient network organisation as exemplary in patient advocacy, outreach and impact. The 100 Days of Vitamin Sea project has engaged with patients and other patient-leaders extensively over social media, and has brought the issues associated with chronic migraine and the benefits of cold-water swimming to public attention numerous times (on many occasions via BBC coverage). Furthermore, Beth & Andy - the team at the core of the project - have managed to extrapolate from their personal experience to collaborate with Portsmouth University in the undertaking of a clinical trial of the effects of cold water on chronic migraine.

Find out more about the film and associated study here.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: "Inspirational Graduate of the Last Decade" and "Duncan Huggett Award for the Environment", Environment Agency Project Excellence Awards 2018

High Water Common Ground

In recognition for the invaluable collaboration upon which the film was made, the holistic approach to environmental management and for the heartfelt focus on community engagement, Producer Andy Clark was Highly Commended in the above awards for the production of High Water Common Ground.

The Environment Agency's John Curtin, Executive Directo of Flood and Coastal Risk Management, said of the film "High Water Common Ground has been one of the most successful tools we have in showing just what is possible and inspiring action. It should be essential viewing for anyone associated with flood risk management."

Find out more about the film here.

WINNER: Best Student Film, Wildlife Conservation Film Festival 2016

The Evolution of Madagascar

Produced whilst Producer Andy Clark was still completing his masters degree, this was the first film to carry The Top Of The Tree production label. It was shot on-the-fly and on a shoestring-budget during a field expedition in Madagascar, and during the post production introduced Andy to Peter Baumann, who was still undertaking his undergraduate degree at the time and would produce the full audio score for the film. It is fair to say that the film would have been nothing without their serendipitous partnership, and it set a strong precedent for all future works.

Find out more and watch the full film here.

Film Awards


The Top Of The Tree is, in essence, just Producer Andy Clark. However, when appropriate Andy recruits other professionals with different expertise into projects. Two fellows in particular have become Andy's go-to team for any major production:


Peter Baumann

Sound Recordist, Sound Design & Composer

Credits on:

The Carbon Farmer

High Water Common Ground

The Evolution of Madagascar


Benjamin Sadd


Credits on:

The Carbon Farmer

High Water Common Ground

Film Team

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