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Saying it Right


Sometimes, the only way to say something properly is to say it personally.

On those occasions, Andy takes great pride in being an engaging and entertaining speaker. A LAMDA-trained actor and professional public-speaking tutor, Andy knows how to tell stories and engage meaningfully with an audience on any subject. But get him on the environment and Climate Change, and that's where he really comes into his own.

As a natural prelude to presenting his films, Andy has spoken to audiences of environmental professionals, community networks, government officials, business people and activists all over the UK. He has engaged audiences of 2 to 200, inspired groups to action and moved rooms to tears. Equally comfortable in as a panelist or discussion chair, acting Master of Ceremonies or taking centre-stage, give Andy a spotlight and he will shine. And when he's finished, you will too.


If you'd like Andy to speak in your school, get in touch:

Testimonials for Andy's One Man Climate March:

“Andy Clark  is a charismatic young man who is doing his “One Man Climate Change March” by bringing the issues and implications of climate change to the fore in the minds of young people in schools around Britain. Andy presented and debated the issues with an audience of 60 year 10 students. All were transfixed and have commented very favourably on their session. In addition Andy presented to a group of students from our Biology Society at lunchtime and in the afternoon to over 30 year 11 and 12 students. His presentations and debates were captivating and informative. He covered many aspects of the syllabus both for GCSE and A level. Students at Hitchin Girls’ school commented:

“It puts climate change into perspective for me.” Year 10
 “It has raised my awareness of climate change.” Year 10
“He was passionate and kept us interested for a whole hour.” Year 10
“I thought it was inspirational and want to know more about what we can do.” Year 10
“The issues were touching.” Year 12

From a teacher’s perspective Andy was well informed and had tailored his presentation to the curriculum content. His presentation has the right mix of serious issues and humour but students were particularly interested in the fact that they can still make a difference. I can thoroughly recommend Andy as a well informed and entertaining presenter who students will like and listen to."

Maria Dixon
Head of Biology
Hitchin Girls’ School

“Our Trent College sixth formers were fortunate to be visited by Old Trident, Andy Clark, last week. Andy spoke eloquently on the topic of Climate Change and his work from ‘The Top Of The Tree’. His approach was both dynamic and engaging. The students reflected on the challenges facing the modern world and many felt that they would change the way they felt about their relationship with the use of the world’s resources. This was a strong PSHE session and I would recommend Andy to any school wishing to discuss these important global issues."

Geoffrey Butler
Head of Year Thirteen
Trent College

“Andy came in to talk to students about climate change. He was flexible around the needs of the school and engaging in his delivery. Fifty sixth form students listened to his talk which covered the key issues surrounding the Climate Change talks with examples rooted in his own experience. He engaged the audience with open questions and his humourous approach. Students were keen to ask their own questions at the end and the lunchtime session was well received. I would be interested in inviting Andy into school again in the future.“


Christine Stott
Deputy Head of Sixth Form
King Ecgbert School

“We had the benefit of Andy visiting just as COP21 came to a close, and it was wonderful for drawing our students into very current affairs.  We ran the talk as a non-compulsory lunch time session and many students, from all subject backgrounds, attended.  However, our Geography Dept were particularly interested, as it tied in neatly with the A level syllabus.  Andy’s talk was fast paced, incredibly challenging and completely relevant.  All of the issues were things our students could relate to, and Andy kept them engaged for the duration.  The questions Andy threw to the audience created great discussion for the staff and students alike.  Andy is a personable and experienced conservationist, and we look forward to welcoming him to Tapton again in the future.”


Jen Peacock
Sixth Form Administrator
Tapton School

One Man Climate March

Inspired by the global "Climate Marches" around COP21 in 2015, but frustrated by the lack of personal impact to non-attendees of such marches, Andy created his own 'One Man Climate March', in which he toured schools around the UK presenting the realities of climate change and positive things that schools, students and their families could do to make the world a better place.

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