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The Carbon Farmer

Sci-Fi Meets Reality

Peatlands cover 12% of the UK's landmass.

It is a tremendous natural asset, but has been severely degraded in recent years. 

Healthy peatland works as a sink for atmospheric carbon.

Degraded peat actively releases greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.  

The UK's peat moorlands are currently so degraded that they release around

20 million tonnes of CO2

(equivalent) a year - enough CO2e to completely undermine 50% of our annual efforts to reduce national greenhouse gas emissions from all other sources .

What kind of world do we want to live in?

The consensus between scientists and moorland managers is that, properly managed, peat moorland can provide a multitude of services simultaneously: sheep can be grazed; wild game can thrive; biodiversity can flourish; water can be stored to alleviate the threat of flooding and of drought; water is naturally filtered to provide cleaner drinking water; and carbon dioxide can be actively sequestered from the atmosphere.  

However, the only subsidies currently available for managing this land are for either agriculture or biodiversity; these things are rarely achieved effectively, yet that is all that it receives.  

It doesn’t have to stay that way. This land could be managed for tremendous public benefit.  

Prioritise management of the land for carbon. Combat climate change, and every other benefit can be achieved to it’s highest possible potential.

The Carbon Farmer

was produced with support from

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How to use this film

What do you think of the ideas proposed in The Carbon Farmer? Share the film on social media, with family and friends, and get talking about the kind of future we want to be living in.

Do you live or work around peatlands? Use this film to spark conversation about how they're managed and how they could be managed. Bring it up at local council meetings, or advocacy groups.

Take this film to your MP, to encourage a shift to an agri-environmental policy that supports responsible land management, the valuation of land-manager's actions, and keeps carbon locked up in the ground. Want some help with this? Talk to Hope For The Future.


Below are listed some additional resources on current and proposed peatland management strategies:

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Peatland Strategy
Peatland Programme


The Carbon Farmer was Produced, Written and Directed by Andy Clark

Chief Science Advisor

Richard Lindsay

University of East London

The Carbon Farmer

Melvyn Rawlinson


Megan Purvis

Director of Photography

Benjamin Sadd


Andy Clark

Sound Recordist,

Sound Design,

and Composer

Peter Baumann

Visual Effects

Engine House

and Andy Clark

Additional Footage Courtesy of


The Flow Country

The Peatlands Partnership

Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Envato Market

3D Map Provided by

Dr Ben Clutterbuck

Additional Thanks To

Quest UAV


One Zero One Studio

With Thanks to other Contributors to Knowledge*:

Clifton Bain

IUCN NCUK Peatland Programme

Professor Chris Evans

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Sam Durham

National Farmers Union

Jon Stewart

National Trust

Rob Stoneman

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Stephen Trotter

The Wildlife Trusts

Sarah Robinson

Hope For The Future

Chris Wood

National Trust

Jillian Hoy

IUCN NCUK Peatland Programme

Dr Marta Santamaria

Natural Capital Coalition

Ian Rotherham

BES Special Interest Group for Peatlands

Dr Pat Thompson


Stuart Brooks

National Trust for Scotland

Amanda Anderson

Moorland Association

Andrew Bauer

National Farmers Union Scotland

Peter Melchett

The Soil Association

Davie Black

Plantlife Scotland

Sarah Palmer

National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Professor Joe Holden

University of Leeds

Graeme Willis

Campaign to Protect Rural England

Olly Watts


Alison Hallas


Stephen Russell


Ben McCarthy


Julia Martin-Ortega

University of Leeds

Tom Bliss

University of Leeds and

United Bank of Carbon

Dr Iain Watts

Forum For The Future

Anne Gray

Scottish Land and Estates

Ed Lawrence

United Utilities

Professor Steve Ormerod

Cardiff University

Max Wakefield


Matt Williams

Conservationist and Wildlife Photographer

Ben Eagle

Agricultural Writer and Blogger

Adele Jones

Sustainable Food Trust

*Credit as a Contributor of Knowledge does not represent official endorsement of The Carbon Farmer film or any of the themes discussed therein, on behalf or the individual nor any affiliated organisation. Simply, Contributors to Knowledge have been contacted by Producer Andy Clark as a part of research for this production, and their views taken into account. 

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