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Climate Vs Lockdown

The Carbon Farmer is more topical than ever - amidst the climate crisis, CAP reform and UK ELMS

Feel Good About The Future


- Not always an easy thing to do, amidst these climate and ecological crises, but to independent ecological filmmaker and environmental communicator Andy Clark, that's the goal.

Tying together scientific consensus, public interest and what's practical for policy gives us the best chance of forging a future worth fighting for, with practical and inspirational solutions.


Get in touch now if you're looking for a film or communication to inspire people with the environment at it's heart.

Films from The Top Of The Tree

Now a multi-award-winning name in environmental filmmaking, The Top Of The Tree is an exemplary communicator of environmental science and policy.

Dedicated to producing films to inspire - and facilitate - a better world, these films are based on firm collaboration between people, environmental policy, and the good of the planet.

Latest Release:

100 Days of Vitamin Sea


Some things are best said personally.

Whether addressing government ministers, a community/NGO workshop, or lecture theatre of students, Andy infallibly connects with his audience to both entertain and inspire.


Andy regularly adds to the TTOTT blog,

"Extracts from the life and mind of a Rock'N'Roll Conservationist",

and occasionally writes for other environmental sources,

such as It's Freezing In LA!

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